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Undergraduate Course Inquiry System

Undergraduate Course Inquiry System

This course inquiry system provides students with important information such as their enrollment, graduation credit requirements, and course credit hours. Please be sure to refer to this inquiry system related to students’ rights and interests! Please take advantage of it. Thank you.

Please follow this link: http://system10.ntunhs.edu.tw/AcadInfoSystem/Modules/Main/Index.aspx 

Curriculum Planning

1. The total number of credits that must be earned to graduate from the four-year technical program is 129, which includes 28 credits of general education courses, 59 credits of compulsory courses, 42 credits of electives, and at least 36 credits of professional electives.

2. Second-year students can start taking 20 credits of electives in funeral service education and 29-credit courses in medical counseling and vocational rehabilitation counseling. After completion, students will receive a certificate in their senior year before graduating.

For more information, please refer to the Chinese version of the department webpage. If you have any questions, please call (02) 28227101, extension 7251 or 7261.