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4.Application form for thank you letter (creation and printing)

*Notes for Downloading Appreciation Application Form

1. If the application is for institutional visits/courses or special lectures, it needs to be produced with the assistance of the department office. Please go to

 One week before the event (excluding regular holidays), submit the application form to the department office (attach official documents or activitie

 Proof of activity), and receive a thank you letter from the department office two days before the event.

2. If you print the thank you letter yourself, you need to stamp the unit seal and the department head seal. The application method is the same as above.

3. The letter of thanks should be sent to the donating institution by the applicant, and the department office will not mail it separately.


Application form for thank you letter (creation and printing)  WORD    ODF

Sample thank you letter  WORD    ODF

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